Monday, June 15, 2015

Travel Gadgets Actually Worth Buying

There are a lot of travel gadgets out there claiming to be the best travel gizmos. However, on a personal note, it is really hard to gauge which travel gadget would come really useful.  Mentioned below are a few of the latest gadgets which I felt could be of great help.

Sigmo Voice Translation Device

This is perfect for the ardent traveler as it permits real time translation of close to 25 different languages, both ways. In other words, you can speak a phrase in English and then press a button to have Sigmo repeat that phrase in the foreign language of your choosing, so that the listener is easily able to understand. Then when somebody speaks to you in their native language, the device will capture and translate all back to you in English. Voila! All it takes is one button.

However, the best translators are the ones offering multiple languages, words and phrases, local clock features and metric conversions.


Rolo is a carry-on travel bag that’s shaped like a tube. The small size and unique shape make it perfect for traveling light. Once you arrive at your destination it also makes a great day-pack. Don’t be fooled by the slim shape or relatively small size, Rolo has an impressive amount of room for clothing and personal items.

It gets better though, Rolo also has a hook inside so that it can hang vertically when unrolled, giving you access to multiple pockets containing all of your clothing and travel items. The fact that a bag can fit this much in such a small space and then unroll and immediately give you access to every single item (unlike a backpack where things get buried on the bottom) is really convenient in terms of saving time.

This is definitely an essential travel item for those that like to pack light and take a minimalist approach to their travels.

TrakDot Luggage Tracker
TrakDot is a small device that gives you the ultimate peace of mind. It can exactly show where your luggage is anytime, anywhere in the world. You would not have to ever worry about stolen or lost luggage again, as you can easily figure out where your gear is and track it down.

Handle Scales

Today’s airline regulations can make packing an anxiety-inducing task, as travelers must attempt to pack essentials without being charged an extra fee for each bag exceeding the weight limit. A handle scale is an inexpensive and worthwhile travel investment.

Costing as little as $10, these scales attach to your luggage handle, and weigh your bags and suitcases, allowing you to gauge the weight before arriving at the airport. This can save you as much as $25 per bag and assist you in packing only essentials.

AViiQ Travel Charger

This gadget eliminates the need for multiple outlets and multiple cords, and with the help of one power outlet, you can simultaneously charge up to four devices. This not only cuts down on the number of cables, it also doubles as a travel case that neatly stores your electronics inside too.

PowerCard Portable Battery

PowerCard is a portable battery that you charge before your trip. It can then recharge your electronics even if you find yourself without access to a power outlet. PowerCard itself is rechargeable too of course. It’s designed to be very sleek and thin so it’s not a burden to carry while traveling, and it holds enough charge to bring an iPhone up to 60% battery life. (1300 mAh of battery power)

This is one of the best travel gadgets to have in an emergency when your phone is about to die. It’s also convenient when you just don’t feel like stopping at an outlet for an extended period of time during the day. PowerCard lets you keep moving, charging your devices on-the-go. You can wait to  charge via outlet until you’ve reached your destination at night.

Whatever the scenario, it’s a really useful travel item to have with you especially given the tiny amount of space it takes up.

Corsair Flash Survivor USB stick

A USB stick is useful for travelers as it’s the easiest way to share video files or lots of photos, and to get things like boarding passes printed out without logging into email on dodgy computers in hostels and internet cafes.

The Corsair Flash Survivor is a shockproof, waterproof, dustproof USB stick that comes in capacities up to 256GB. That’s enough space to back up photos from even the longest trips, as well as store enough music and movies to keep you entertained. That means you won’t need to carry a separate portable hard drive for backups, which often break and take up a lot of space.

You’ll pay a little under $100 for the 128GB version, or around $150 for the highest capacity. That’s not bad for an almost-unbreakable, multipurpose backup device that fits in your pocket.

USB Wireless Antenna

The Wireless Antenna are small, cheap and can easily increase your wireless range by over three times.

The above travel gadgets are really useful items and investing in them can definitely help you travel smarter and also enhance your traveling experience.

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